Gallery of all the photos I’ve tweeted under #ManicureMonday

Hello Everyone.  I’m stepping off of #ManicureMonday because — unlike everything else in the whole friggin’ universe — #Science is not about me.  However, for the reasons that I explained here, you can find me over at #ManicureMonday for the long haul, quietly tweeting one picture each week of what my hands look like when I think they are at their most beautiful.  And if you want to come too, you are very, very welcome.

This is a gallery displaying all of the pictures of my own hands that I have tweeted so far.

Below is what I posted on 01/14/14 for #ManicureMonday.  It’s one of the coolest things we have in the lab — it’s a vacuum, which means it sucks out air, but it does it in a special way — through condensation.  The oil drips down the glass ladder, trapping air within the drops and lowering the atmospheric pressure within the vessel.  I stuck leaves on my nails to decorate them because they weren’t painted at the time.


Below is what I posted on 01/06/14 for #ManicureMonday.  Laid out on the foil is a fern we collected but haven’t finished definitively identifying yet … I like this photo because there’s soil under my nails — which is how I think they look best.


Below is what I posted on 12/30/13 for #ManicureMonday.  The wood I am holding is actually a fossil that is about forty million years old!  Not only that, but it is from a tree that grew near the North Pole — the Arctic used to be forested!


Below is what I posted on 12/23/13 for #ManicureMonday.  If you look carefully you’ll notice that the next photos are just me tweaking the polish job from 12/16/13.  I am holding a Hibiscus flower; Hawaii is absolutely riddled with them, and we did a big study a couple of years back investigating the chemistry of its pollen.


Below is what I posted on 12/16/13 for #ManicureMonday.  Holy crap, I think this is the first time I’d had opaque nail polish on in more than a decade.  What I am holding is ground up food — junk food actually — we are interested in how plant sugars like HFCS (Corn syrup …) enter human blood  and are integrated into human cells.


Below is what I posted on 12/09/13 for #ManicureMonday.  Again, it’s me tenderly holding the frond from a Christella fern that we grew from a spore.  Yes, it was killed just before this photo, or maybe it survived the tear and somebody took it home, I’d have to check.


Below is what I posted on 12/02/13 for #ManicureMonday.  Artsy, no? Those are little Christella fern pieces on my fingernails, ones that we grew from a spore within an experiment.  Most people just transplant ferns and don’t bother with spores.  We grow from spore because we want TOTAL CONTROL over the whole life cycle.  Scientists are like that.


Below is what I posted on 11/25/13 for #ManicureMonday.  I actually have some kind of shell pink polish on that my student picked out. Wrapped around my hand are a selection of the different fern genera that we are studying: Davallia is the one up my arm, Phymatosorus is the one interwoven between my fingers and Nephrolepis is in the pile underneath my hand.


Below is what I posted on 11/18/13 for #ManicureMonday.  We were at Home Depot buying stuff for the lab, preparing to go back there and do a bunch of late night work.  I thought the bins of galvanized bolts were pretty so I grabbed some and took a photo of my hands.  Note the beautiful unbittedness of my nails.


Below is my second contribution to #ManicureMonday; it was tweeted on 11/11/13.  I used to chew my nails to bloody shreds all the way up past the elbow and I don’t anymore even though I really, really want to.  So I think they look nice and healthy in this photo and I am proud of them.


And finally, here’s my first contribution to #ManicureMonday; it was tweeted on 11/11/13. I was trying to be funny. LOL!


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