I’m Hope Jahren and this is my blog about interactions between women and men and Academia. I started it in 2013. Then I let it get really stale while I was writing “Lab Girl”. And it’s gosh-golly past time for me to get off my ass and rectify this; I just need a week to do it!

So picture me, in my broken office chair, waiting for a week that’s free of pressing obligations so that I may pounce on this busted website like a deranged forty-something tiger pounces on the zoo-keeper who has taunted her mercilessly while she’s been waiting for a free week these last six years!

BUT, you are welcome to take what comfort there be in the fact that I have a new book coming out during March of 2020. It is called “THE STORY OF MORE” and it’s about the last fifty years of my life, of your life, of our lives, and how the Earth feels about the mess we made. I researched it carefully and I really like it. I hope you find something good in there too.

All this to say, that this site is still: