basic description

Hello!  I’m Hope Jahren.

I’m also a professor; you can learn more about on my lab’s website.  In my copious spare time, I write.  Mostly I try to be funny.  When I try to be serious, it always turns out to be a strained and earnest tear-jerker.  I try to publish all of it, and sometimes it works.  I am the author of Lab Girl (2016), The Story Of More (2020), and a bunch of old posts from when this site started as a blog back in 2013.

I am on the internet mostly because I am trying to get noticed as a writer.  There, isn’t raw female ambition refreshing?  I also want to be a scientist, but wait, I already am.  You can find me here on this site; when I’m feeling crabby I go on Twitter and snark, and when I’m feeling happy I put silly photos on Instagram and on Facebook.  I do a lot of book giveaways, so if you give me a follow you’ll sooner or later get a chance to WIN a free book!

I look like this (or at least I did a couple of years ago):


And thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for reading.  I’m trying hard to produce stuff that’s worth it.  Which reminds me, I gotta get back to work.