why re-post the old stuff?

Just because!

I started this site in 2013 as a blog about interactions between women and men and Academia. Then I started writing a book, and after that I wrote another book, and I was all like Pshh-shaw, who out there wants to read that old stuff? So I took the blog posts down and advertised that the site was “under construction” for about three years. Now, three years later, I’m all like Pshh-shaw, maybe somebody out there does want to read that old stuff. So I put the posts back up and advertised them as “my other stuff.” Life is a rollercoaster! Who knows what will happen next?

My old stuff generally falls into two categories: unsolicited advice and general unbosoming. They are exactly as useful as their monikers imply! Oh, yes, and there’s also information about why my blog doesn’t allow for comments.