about me

Hello, I’m Hope Jahren.  I’m older than I look and I’m smarter than I look and it’s a darn good thing too.  I’m also a professor; you can learn more about on my lab’s website.  In my copious spare time, I write.  Mostly I try to be funny.  When I try to be serious, it always turns out to be a strained and earnest tear-jerker.  I try to publish all of it, and sometimes it works.  I am the author of Lab Girl (2016), The Story Of More (2020), and a bunch of old posts from when this site started as a blog back in 2013.

I am on the internet mostly because I am trying to get noticed as a writer.  There, isn’t raw female ambition refreshing?  I also want to be a scientist, but wait, I already am.  You can find me here on this site, and I’m also on Twitter and Instagram.

What else?   I am from the rural midwest where you can grow up secure in the knowledge that the outside world has no desire to pay any attention to you.  My mother is a woman who could kill a hyena with her bare hands because What the hell do you think is so funny and I’ll give you something to laugh about.  My father patiently taught Physics and Calculus and Slide Ruler 101 at a community college for forty-two consecutive years and if that didn’t get him into Heaven then nothing could.  I have three older brothers and we share little except the same damn sense of humor which has turned out to be quite a lot after all.  I have a son and I can say with absolute objectivity that he is the smartest, strongest and most beautiful child that has ever lived only it’s hard to talk with all these biochemicals flooding my brain.  I am married to Clint Conrad (who is a scientist and not a writer, thank Heaven) whom I love to bits even as I fervently hope he never wakes up and realizes how much better he could do than settle for me.  I get to work fourteen hours a day with my best friend.  I have a eighty-pound Chesapeake Bay retriever that will retrieve a tennis ball until his feet bleed and still keep going.  Not that we’ve ever done that, of course.

And thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for reading.  I’m trying hard to produce stuff that’s worth it.  Which reminds me, I gotta get back to work.