Howta maked cheezy noms

Like most laboratory chemists I can cook like a motherf*cker when I want to, which is about as often as a blue goddam moon.  You see the trouble is, it’s not like in the lab where I sometimes get something I can publish at the end.  Well, the below is apparently an exception, lucky for you.  Here’s my LOL-recipe for making your own cheese.


Ferst-thing ur going store to buyz 1 gallun hole milk. gotta be hole. then you boil it up in a big big kettel slow jus stan their stirrin an stirrin takes long

while yer attit makes sumone else beet toogethers a quarter buttrmilk wif 2 eggz then when yer boilin stir in buttrmilk-n-eggz SLOW I SAID SLOW dont ruin it now by bein too inpatient

now ull see the miricle kurds come up the rest of likwid is all klear thats Ceiling Cat doin that behold it for awile like evan an our or too but turn off heet first take pikshurs an stuff make ur FB status “I CAN HAZ CHEEZY NOMS” watch utubes

stir in 1 teesppon sugar and 2 teesppons salt the clear iz called “WAY” did u buy cheezcloffs? U hafta. Dont try n use nuffin else. ull jes maka messup. put cheezcloffs alla round a strainer, dubble layer pore kurds n way thru sum interwebz sites sez SAVE THE WAY FEED IT TO YOUR DOG PUT IT ON YOUR PLANTS DRINK IT ITS FULL OF VITAMINS

dont jes dont

let kurds drain 1 hour poke a lotta little wholes in bottum of a pie tin or so put cheezcloffs alla round in it, dubble layer spoon in kurds cover with cheezcloffs

now heers the trickzy put somefin WEIGHS A LOT on it and put whole thing in fridge it will press & drain 1 day

IS DONE! turn out of pie tin onto plate will be verry wite BUY A LOTTA BRED N KRAXERS why? kidz wont nom spowse will nom sum company will impress but notsomuch nom

u must nom wont keep like a reel cheez you only got about tree dayz


I made this cheese. Cheese!


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